Women doing Pilates exercises using foam Pilates rollers. 


What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise methodology that targets the intrinsic musculature to provide a stable base for the global outer muscles of the body to work from. By targeting the pelvic floor and deep abdominal musculature stability and efficiency of movement can be achieved.

Getting Started

The programs at Pivotal’s Pilates studio in Adelaide are tailored specifically to the individual. Prior to commencing our classes, patients undergo an initial Pilates assessment at our North Adelaide clinic, where a full physical examination is done including a real time ultrasound assessment, and specific goals are established. This is followed by three one on one clinical Pilates sessions addressing the individual needs of the patient. At this stage the patient has the option of participating in the range of classes offered at Pivotal. We offer very small Pilates classes (maximum of 4 people per class) so that each patient can safely and effectively gain benefit from our programs. All Pilates classes are run by highly qualified physiotherapists.

Studio Pilates

Fully equipped studio with 2 reformers, trapeze table, multi chair, torso barrel, ladder barrel, mats, small apparatus including fit balls, chi balls, rotating discs, BOSU, magic circles, foam rollers, TheraBands, Franklin Balls, and free weights.


Exercise classes on the mat in lying, sitting and standing using small apparatus.

Mum and Bubs

Post natal women and their babies up to 10 months old can attend mat classes. During these classes, you’ll be using small apparatus and involving your baby during the class. These classes are beneficial not only for pelvic floor and core strengthening but also for the great social atmosphere they provide.

Yummy Mummy

Post natal classes for women with older children (>10months old) who require a focused workout without the distraction of children. Ideal for new clients as well as those who did pregnancy Pilates.

Pelvic Floor

Great for women with pelvic floor dysfunction. These classes use small apparatus to assist with pelvic floor retraining and are a safe and effective way to exercise whilst managing complex pelvic floor issues. If you are experiencing these issues during pregnancy, you may find that these are the ideal prenatal Pilates classes for you.

Men’s Classes

Although we are predominantly a women’s health practice, we do not forget about the men! We offer several male friendly classes throughout the week.

Cardio Pilates Classes

These classes are fun and innovative. They suitable for the fitter individual wanting more of a challenge in their Pilates workout.

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